For the same reason that I reacted strongly when some idiot used twisted Adam Smith’s words, my head swung ’round when Newsbusters pointed out a New York Times editorial titled “Race and the Social Contract”. Like I said last time: I don’t care if you want to publish ignorant drivel, but keep real economics out of it.

To quote NB’s apt summary of the article, “If only we were all Norwegians, we’d have the high taxes we need and all the welfare we want. But because America is diverse, we selfishly worry that members of other ethnic groups might benefit from our tax dollars. As a result, our taxes aren’t high enough and our welfare spending too low.”

It doesn’t even try to mention the social contract, besides (I guess) the implication that public spending in copious amounts (that is to say, statism) is the true meaning of the social contract. A friend of mine recently used a word to discuss something similar, which I more rigorously defined as “Let’s all talk about how haaaaaaaateful and raaaaaaaacist America is!” That word is “wankfest”.

This article is a wankfest.