IBD Editorials have hit it out of the park today:

  • Congress’ Oil Barons: Congress is making almost as much money off the oil companies as they are making from themselves. The solution? Misrepresent facts, hike taxes, and sprinkle in some class warfare to taste. Favorite part? The hat tip to Nancy Pelosi’s official-sounding but devoid of authority “House Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming”
  • Gas-Tax Boom Times: Same idea, only in California. With a “more taxes on bigger cars” kicker.
  • There Will Be Hunger In Argentina: What happens when the government taxes everything until the economy is on the verge of collapse. The juxtaposition with the first two stories can’t be coincidental.
  • Who Abuses Power?: Democrats put illegal wiretaps on Republicans and keep their Congress seats while calling for the impeachment of President Bush for interrogating terrorists to stop them from killing Americans. “What’s wrong with this picture?”
  • Home Court Victory: The US Supreme Court and all subordinate courts have no binding legal obligation to obey the rulings of the World Court (formerly the International Court of Justice). ‘Nuff said.
  • Award-Winning Shakedown Artist Is Still Peddling Subprime Politics: Banks are still being held in fear by self-proclaimed “bank terrorist” who offers poor people reasonable loans if they pledge to take part in his populist scare tactics. And the banks are the bad guys?