The Technician’s readers are doing pretty well today, too. From today’s letters to the editor:

  • Female-only hours at the gym are a bad idea: it violates the gender equality the feminists have been trumpeting for so long, and is based on the idea that women are too afraid to be seen being strong. Seems kinda backpedaling on women’s rights to me. There’s also the point that the idea is supported by the Muslim Student Association, who’re not the kindest folks around.
  • Banning concealed carry and making campus a gun free zone also makes it a crime-friendly zone. ‘Nuff said.
  • All the blithering of late about the school’s “image” in the media is utterly irrelevant because the school should be concerned with its academics, not its public relations. “I attend this school to get an education, and that is the only aspect of it that I take pride in. If all these people care so much about a ‘respectable image’ they should probably go somewhere else. We are just too crass of a bunch for them.” Indeed.