The College Board is cutting four AP classes: French Literature, Italian Literature, Latin Literature, and Computer Science AB, the second in the series of CS classes.

I took both CS courses and they were among my favorite classes. But more importantly, as I’ll be writing about on my blog soon, they prepared me excellently for my college computer science classes. I’m finding out that each college puts a special bent on the curriculum: where Elon might talk about GUI-making, NC State would discuss data structures. But they both end up covering recursion and interfaces and superclassing.

This is ostensibly a financial move. Perhaps things are different elsewhere, but the college board’s total costs from me were the cost of grading my exam. Perhaps they also were responsible for the cost of my teacher providing me with a digital copy of the text book — there were no paper copies. At any rate, I would imagine that would all be covered in my $84 exam fee for the class.

Way I see it, if it’s running at a loss, raise the price. If no one is willing to pay the price, then you cut it. But give people a chance to pay $120 for the opportunity instead of giving them no chance at all.