I’ll see your stupid headline and raise you an obvious kicker:

“Shopping for video games can be a frustrating process hampered by confusing stores, smug employees, and overwhelming selection. One gaming retailer wants a chunk of the market, and thinks that the best weapon is a retail store tailored to gamers.”

To put it another way: “The best way to sell video games is to have a store that appeals to video gamers.” I wholeheartedly confirm this, given that I am loathe to buy anything from EB Gamestop (who are essentially the only chain video game retailer) because of their, er, unsavory tactics:

Penny Arcade from 31 October 2007

All of my recent video game purchases have been at Best Buy and Target because they had enough copies of the game to meet demand and they didn’t hassle me overly. In fact, if I had to purchase a video game today, all things being equal, I would use a mega-chain: either Wal-Mart or Target, whichever was less out of my way, price being equal.

EB Gamestop is, essentially, a monopoly in the games retail specialty market. It’s also almost a textbook case for a monopoly: people have no other choice and so they keep buying and the store stays in business. But, of course, the “counter” (to use gamer terminology) to a monopoly is competition.