Ars Technica’s article on Hulu is right on the money. It’s quick, easy, and free, but the network execs could easily screw that up. Nate Anderson also echoes my own thoughts:

I’ve noticed a curious thing about Hulu: the ads, though they’re only 15 seconds, bother me much more than those on TV. In part, it’s because I’m at a computer, where I’m used to being in control, not at a TV where I’m used to watching whatever comes down the wire. But it’s also because I watch more material on Hulu that I know at some level is a waste of my time.

When you watching 2-3 hours at a stretch, you get to know the three ads by memory.

Thankfully, the satirical DirecTV ads are pretty mercifully humorous. “Instead of giving our customers more channels, let’s just make the ones they have louder.”