From a convention of Australian Nanny-Staters:

Health Minister Nicola Roxon said one idea put forward in a submission was an annual national fitness test where citizens would receive a financial incentive if they pass.

Uhh, sorry, buddy, that’s not how it works. The “incentive” would be from tax money. Assuming that the citizen gets back all the money from his taxes that was designated to this, it would be a zero-sum gain. You would be holding his money in escrow until he proved he could do enough squats.

Since the customer has nothing to gain, but something to lose, that makes this a dis-incentive to be unfit. It’s worth noting that this is not logically equivalent to an incentive to be fit; nature provides plenty of those. Let’s rephrase: if you’re physically fit, you get to keep your money (in the end). If you’re not, the government takes it and doesn’t give it back.

That’s taxation, son.