The producers of the new Andromeda Strain miniseries are apparently quite proud of how they’ve “improved” Michael Crichton’s story. According to actor Andre Braugher:

“It’s very anticlimactic, the book and the [original] film … You’ve got the Andromeda; it’s suddenly somehow benign, but then you’ve got a reactor thing, you know?”

After that lucid summary of the original story, the article describes some of the changes made for the miniseries, such as “boosting the action elements” and the wholesale insertion of “environmental, political and military storylines.” Braugher explains:

“I mean, the whole idea about the vent mining and the use of resources today in a cavalier manner that will become useful to us, you know, sometime in the future? That cautionary tale is entirely inserted … It’s quite timely for now. We happen to be in the middle of using up and exploiting all of our resources, you know?”

Cautionary tale indeed. I still plan to watch the miniseries, but I now consider myself duly cautioned.