Pat, you said, “Sending text messages costs too much.”

I saw this story on Slashdot and really consider it in the same vein as oil companies making “too much” profit. Seems to me the that the price of text messaging is a reflection of the supply and demand for the good.

The Hubble Space Telescope, on the other hand, is run as a non-profit venture so that the data cost is at, well, cost. The cost to the consumer of text messaging includes profit for the companies involved.

Oh, and the fact that text messages are the most compact type of data (text), whereas the Space Telescope sends uncompressed raster images (I assume) which are among the least compact of all forms of data. All 1500 characters of the Gettysburg address would make a 1500 byte file, which is one hundredth the size of this month’s compressed JPEG of an image from the HST.