On the topic of his recent first foray into D&D Fourth Edition, Tycho of Penny Arcade:

The system is very different than previous iterations, in my opinion wonderfully so. Third and three-point-five are clear iterations of previous efforts, and by comparison fourth packs up the old ways very tightly and then kicks them through the uprights, scoring in the process. This took a long time for me to get my head around. Clerics that heal allies by hitting enemies? Spells cast at will, and not from a memorized list? They broke with bad traditions while retaining the iconic stature of the classic archetypes – but these aren’t the classes you remember. Or the races.

Those who crave the simulation elements of the game will be able to pick up on a rule or two, but we were a group that was going to naturally lean toward the story side. Hopefully you’ll still find something in it to savor.