About your post, Pat (because the preview button on your comment form is apparently broken):

The Slashdot article about this is tagged with “flamebait”, “sexism”, and “stereotypes” which I think all apply.

Also, untested magical claims of how this lady can “smell” if code has been written by a man or a woman reminds me of the people who stated that they could tell when they were around a wireless network because it gave them a headache: not tested so as not to damage the credibility of the source.

This is not really about code at all, this is about someone with an axe to grind doing it in a way that is plausible given the current stereotype of adult males as cavemen. Because it’s justified with a pseudoscience on which little to no research has been done (code comment psychology), there’s no scientific basis to reject the claims.

It seem to be, at its heart, a study in classic yellow journalism.