From the GNO synopsis of a recent game: …

From the GNO synopsis of a recent game:

… But he’s not the Bosun, of course, and as soon as he gets out of the water, he stops not being the Bosun. Now he’s some other Elf — not the Bosun — with the flame things on his hands, so I guess he’s the guy who was in Gota. Oh, and the boat had another boat on it (the second boat being smaller), that was shifty, too, like it almost wasn’t there. But, of course, it was there and I knew it was because I could sort of see it. So maybe it was sort of there. But it looked like it could be just like the big boat but smaller, and probably go around on water just like the big boat, you know?

From the Wikiquote entry for War Without End, Part 2:

Zathras: All Minbari belief is around three. Three castes–Worker, Warrior, Religious. Three languages–Light, Dark and Grey. The nine of the Grey Council, three times three. All is three. As you are three. As you are one. As you are the One. You [points to Sinclair] are the One who was. You [points at Delenn] are the One who is. And you–[points at Sheridan]–you are the One who will be. You are the beginning [Sinclair] of the story, and the middle [Delenn] of the story, and the end [Sheridan] of the story…that creates the next great story.

Something tells me that Gryffin and Zathras would have gotten along.