The Warcart is a shopping cart equipped …

The Warcart is a shopping cart equipped for something reasonably close to wardriving (“warcarting”, in parlance), but with a few new tricks.

3) USB Flash Drive Dropper. It is old news, now, that a U3 flash drive can be used to take over someone’s computer. One hit of a button on the control panel and several such drives can be dropped. This is the perfect tool to use while taking the Warcart into the office around some cubicles. Someone finds a “lost” flash drive, and he cannot resist plugging it into his machine.

4) Police Communications Monitoring. With a device like the Warcart, it should be not surprising to have an encounter with the authorities. Indeed, it may be troubling if a device such as the Warcart were allowed in the streets without an officer questioning its safety and legality. With the onboard police scanner, however, one can be attune to any intervention before it happens. [note that actual use of this feature is illegal for such purposes]