The AP has a mockingly-toned article abo …

The AP has a mockingly-toned article about an “Army prep school” to help would-be recruits achieve their GED before entering enlisting (a requirement for service).

But the U.S. Army, eager to fill its ranks amid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, doesn’t see them as dropouts. They are recruits who only need a GED before they’re ready to begin basic training.

Of course the Army sees them as dropouts. That’s why its helping to educate them.

The soldiers work in small classrooms outfitted with simple desks, chairs, and dry-erase boards. In-desk computers are used for test-taking.

Since when were desks with computers in them “simple”?

Anyways, I’m meandering. My very favorite part (which is to say, the most intellectually dishonest) is that the article throws out the statistic that only 71% of Army recruits graduated high school. Sounds pretty low, right? They’re just backdoor drafting all the dropout burger flippers who can’t get a job in this economy, right?

Except that 71% is the national graduation rate. Which is to say that the Army is, in this statistic, a representative cross-section of America.