While I’m on a hot streak: This is w …

While I’m on a hot streak:

This is what the end of the world looks like.

Lots of PopCap employees are also hardcore WoW players, who alt-tab during long flights or queues to kill time with Bejeweled.

So when we learned we could actually implement Bejeweled inside WoW through an Add-On, we were intrigued. Soon the PopCap ‘guild’ was figuring out ways to make the mod even cooler and more comprehensive… and now it’s almost ready to be unleashed.

This via Penny Arcade, whose Tycho had the following to say on the topic:

We’ve known about this “Bejeweled in WoW” thing for awhile, long enough to have considered it for the strip we would draw at PAX, but after simmering the concept for nearly an hour we gave up. We determined that there was no satirical entry point for a comic about one of the world’s most addictive games being embedded inside one of the world’s most most addictive games. It’s Chicken Cordon Meth, and there is no escaping the folds of its eternal midnight. We stood outside its high walls awhile, he [Gabe] with the pitchfork and I with the torch, until eventually the torch went out.