Something of a surprise on the front page of today’s Technician:

A Campaigns and Elections class polled students on political opinions and the ideological factors of voter registration, and Michael Cobb, the associate professor of political science who teaches the class, said the presidential results were neck-and-neck.

“Obama and McCain are in a dead heat on campus,” Cobb said. “McCain has 51 percent and Obama has 49 percent.”

Based on the sample group, Cobb said he believes the survey is an accurate representation of what students on campus believe. “We surveyed 377 students on campus, and, based on the demographics, I’m fairly confident that this is what all N.C. State students think, not just a particular group,” Cobb said. “At a sample size of 377, there’s still a margin of error close to plus or minus five percent. In an ideal world, we would have had 600 to 1,000 responses, but it just didn’t happen.”

I wonder how many college campuses this is true for.