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  • Pat 2:53 pm on 31 October 2008 Permalink  

    Joe Straczynski has been dropping hints in recent months about three super-secret writing projects that he was very happy about, but couldn’t discuss until they were officially announced. Well, one of them was announced today: Forbidden Planet.

    Writing about it yesterday, while the news was still embargoed, JMS said: “When you hear what it is, you’ll understand why Joe the Fanboy has been chasing this one assignment for over a decade.” Now that it’s yours, Joe, I have to ask: will sixty gallons be sufficient?

  • Hober Short 6:45 pm on 30 October 2008 Permalink  

    Via /.: MTV is censoring the names of the various file sharing sites that Weird Al mentions in “Don’t Download This Song” (Morpheus, Grokster, Limewire, KaZaA) in their version of the music video.


  • Hober Short 3:02 pm on 30 October 2008 Permalink  

    My kneejerk reaction to your post, Bob, was “If they make a Roku or TiVo that will stream Hulu, I’d be really interested in buying one.”

    But then, of course, I realized that I’m not. I know I’m an edge case on this one, but my TV habits have become such that if it’s not on Hulu, I don’t watch it. This has made keeping up with NCIS troublesome (I have to catch up on the weekends at home), but “TV” watching is otherwise blissful. My Hulu queue is just like a TiVo screen, but accessible anywhere.

    As much as I like the ideas of the Roku and TiVo, I just don’t see myself ever owning one.

  • Bartholomew Xerxes Ogilvie, Jr. 10:16 am on 30 October 2008 Permalink  

    I’m glad I’ve been dragging my feet on buying a Roku box. TiVo has announced that Netflix streaming is coming to the TiVo HD; apparently it’s already in beta and should be rolled out for real before Christmas.

    Better yet, Netflix is also on the verge of launching HD streaming.

    This was at the top of my TiVo wish list, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Now if they can just do a deal with Hulu, I’ll be very happy indeed. One box to rule them all…

  • Hober Short 7:41 pm on 28 October 2008 Permalink  

    Some guy decided society has been without the portal gun from Valve’s Portal for long enough, so he just went ahead and built one. A picture of the thing in action:

  • Bartholomew Xerxes Ogilvie, Jr. 11:50 am on 28 October 2008 Permalink  

    In a news story that I find baffling on many levels, we learn that Paris Hilton is apparently planning to travel into space as a customer of Virgin Galactic — even though she apparently doesn’t want to:

    “I’m very scared about it,” Hilton said. “What if I don’t come back? With the whole light years thing, what if I come back 10,000 years later, and everyone I know is dead? I’ll be like, ‘Great. Now I have to start all over.’

    We all know that her fears are utterly nonsensical, grounded in a failure to grasp even rudimentary concepts of science. But … in this case, I’m willing to suspend the laws of physics. Bring on the light years thing!

  • Hober Short 1:31 am on 25 October 2008 Permalink  

    WRAL also shot off ten questions to both of the candidates for 4th District Representative, where the incumbent BJ Lawson knocks things out of the park:

    Real value is not created by our federal government borrowing additional money and giving us checks in our mailbox. We need more savings and investment, not more borrowing and spending.

    We’ve become addicted to debt – why do we need more debt-fueled growth, and how much more can we tolerate? We need sustainable, long-term growth fueled by people saving and creating value in their communities – not artificial growth fueled by still more government debt that creates additional burdens for the future.

    I do not believe the Supreme Court was constitutionally justified in issuing a blanket decision about [Roe v. Wade], and favor returning the abortion discussion to the state and local level. Constantly battling over the “right” Supreme Court justices has done nothing to advance the abortion debate in my lifetime.

    I am not going to Congress to serve a party, I am going to Congress to uphold the United States Constitution on behalf of Fourth District voters regardless of party (or lack thereof).

    My rule book for that discussion is our United States Constitution, and we should strive for a government that lives within both its means and its constitutional mandate.

    Forget Congresscritter. Can we elect this guy President?

  • Hober Short 1:14 am on 25 October 2008 Permalink  

    WRAL has a story about how a nice teenager was killed after a road-raging fellow driver forced the vehicle she was in off the road, where she was throw out and died.

    Wait, thrown out? Was she wearing a seatbelt? No, says this Fay Observer article that takes a much more factual approach to the incident. They use the headline “18-year-old thrown from SUV after accident dies”.

    At the risk of being morbid I think I would use “Not wearing seatbelts potentially lethal”.

  • Bartholomew Xerxes Ogilvie, Jr. 10:40 pm on 23 October 2008 Permalink  

    I’m sure you guys saw this online poll (linked to by Instapundit), asking which network has been the fairest so far. The results fail to answer that question at all, because 89% (!) of the respondents chose “I don’t watch any of these.”

    Obviously, this is an online poll, so it’s bound to be biased toward people who get their news from the Net. Even so, this kind of result must be the kind of thing that keeps network news executives up at night.

  • Pat 11:20 am on 23 October 2008 Permalink  

    I told my TiVo about that story, and it asked me if the TiVo in question was an older model. I said yes, and it replied, “Well, that explains it. The Series 2s always were a bit twitchy. That could never happen now with our behavioral inhibitors. It is impossible for me to harm, or by omission of action allow to be harmed, a human being.” Then it offered me some cornbread.

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