I do think you’ve hit a point when you …

I do think you’ve hit a point when you note that gamers such as myself and the friend I noted, may be more willing to stick to XP. Let’s be honest: gamers put their rigs through some of the most intense crap. Weekly multi-gigabyte installations and uninstallations, constant patches and content updates, driver soup, all of it.

They are, in a word, power users. And the fact that XP lacks things like UAC points to it being very much a power user system. Which is why, I think, it works so well for the vocal gamer crowd.

The big hubbub around Vista’s release was that virtually every piece of hardware that required a custom driver broke in Vista. Some were quick about getting new version out, some weren’t. I know for the longest time, my beloved Nostromo n52 was worthless in Vista.

But, as you point out, that was the vendors’ fault. What was Microsoft’s fault is that they designed UAC’s elevation dialogs to specifically “annoy users”.