The Technician conducted a mock election of NC State students and Barack Obama ended up winning, but not by as much as you might think:

Obama wins by landslide in Technician’s mock election

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama won the NCSU Technician ‘mock’ election today by a statistical landslide, defeating Republican opponent John McCain by almost 10 percent. With almost 2,200 voters 52.8 percent voted for Obama and 43.6 percent voted for McCain.

“Landslide”, you say? Knock, knock, who’s there? Wikipedia?

  • Theodore Roosevelt’s 56.4% to Alton B. Parker’s 37.6% in the 1904 presidential election
  • Warren Harding’s 60.3% to James Cox’s 34.1% in the 1920 presidential election
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 60.8% to Alf Landon`s 36.5% in the 1936 presidential election
  • Lyndon Johnson’s 61.1% to Barry Goldwater’s 38.5% in the 1964 presidential election
  • Richard Nixon’s 60.7% to George McGovern’s 37.5% in the 1972 presidential election
  • Ronald Reagan’s 58.8% to Walter Mondale’s 40.6% in the 1984 presidential election

Not so impressive now…