WRAL also shot off ten questions to both …

WRAL also shot off ten questions to both of the candidates for 4th District Representative, where the incumbent BJ Lawson knocks things out of the park:

Real value is not created by our federal government borrowing additional money and giving us checks in our mailbox. We need more savings and investment, not more borrowing and spending.

We’ve become addicted to debt – why do we need more debt-fueled growth, and how much more can we tolerate? We need sustainable, long-term growth fueled by people saving and creating value in their communities – not artificial growth fueled by still more government debt that creates additional burdens for the future.

I do not believe the Supreme Court was constitutionally justified in issuing a blanket decision about [Roe v. Wade], and favor returning the abortion discussion to the state and local level. Constantly battling over the “right” Supreme Court justices has done nothing to advance the abortion debate in my lifetime.

I am not going to Congress to serve a party, I am going to Congress to uphold the United States Constitution on behalf of Fourth District voters regardless of party (or lack thereof).

My rule book for that discussion is our United States Constitution, and we should strive for a government that lives within both its means and its constitutional mandate.

Forget Congresscritter. Can we elect this guy President?