From a comment on an article about a tea …

From a comment on an article about a teacher selling ads on his test to offset budget cuts:

While not a bad idea, the implementation could be much better…Picture this test:

1) McDonald’s $2 Big Mac contains two all-beef patties that are cylinders of height 0.5cm and diameter 5cm. Burger King’s $3 whopper contains two beef-like substances that are cylinders of height 0.3cm and diameter 4.5cm. How many more times valuable is the Big Mac versus the Whopper, assuming a sandwich’s value is directly proportional to the amount of beef (or beef-like substance) in it?

2) A Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 6″ sub contains 250 kcal of lean, healthy energy. A Wendy’s Baconator contains 975 kcal of thigh-hugging and gut-enlarging fat. If all the energy of these sandwiches were put into a 100kg person climbing a ladder, how much higher would the 100kg person have to climb in order to use up all the energy (assuming all energy spent is put into the potential energy from climbing)?

The possibilities are endless! We’d never have to worry about education funding again!

Hard to argue with.