Some people are so stupid that it hurts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hurt them; it hurts me, when I observe their stupidity.

In this particular case, the people in question are unhappy with Facebook over certain recent policy changes. Nobody pays anything for their Facebook accounts, so threats to take your business elsewhere are not very effective. Somebody came up with the bright idea of a meaningless protest, and now there’s a Facebook Cause you can join called the FACEBOOK BLACKOUT. Here’s the description in full:

.•*´¨`*•. THE FACEBOOK BLACKOUT.•*´¨`*•.

Friends account deleted, Limited in sending message or poking, stupid new layout !

Administrators don’t care about what we think !
But what will happen if we all decide to stay off of facebook for 1 day !

Please invite all your friends in this group so that we could really make an happening on December 15th!

Starting @ 6 PM (GMT+1) on December 15th to
6PM (GMT+1) on december 16th



All you have to do to help is this:

► 1 Join this group.

► 2 Click on “Invite People to Join” button in the right menu.

► 3 Select all of your friends.

► 4 Click on the “Send invitation” button

And you’re done!

And the point of this is . . . what, exactly?

The idiot who wrote this seems to think that getting a bunch of people to refrain from logging on to Facebook for a day will inflict some kind of horrible suffering on the company, bringing it to its knees and forcing it to . . . well, the idiot didn’t actually get around to making any demands, so I’m not sure what he wants Facebook to do. But the point is, it’s really going to hurt when all those people don’t log on, right?

Of course, that reasoning is based on the assumption that everyone with a Facebook account logs on every day, and that Facebook notices if they don’t. Actually, I frequently forget to log on for days at a time, and as far as I can tell, Facebook doesn’t care.

So I feel confident in predicting that the protest will have absolutely no effect, just like every other one-day boycott I have ever heard of. This silly tactic never works, but some fool is always eager to give it another try.