The Technician has more coverage about t …

The Technician has more coverage about the event where “Free Gaza” was being distributed. On the motivation for the event:

“I went to two protests in San Diego and they were really exciting, but protests don’t really get anything done,” [organizer Mariem Masmoudi] said.

Her solution?

She said she immediately began planning for the event when she returned home, which was aimed to raise awareness of the Gaza crisis. The campaign was something she had never experienced before, she said, but was
now in a perfect position to take action.

“Obviously it wasn’t an event, per say [sic] — it was just a way to get people excited and to help them feel empowered,” Masmoudi said.

Okay… So protests aren’t getting anything done. What’s your plan of action?

Having a mass signing of a letter to “strongly encourage the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to join the international community in condemning the massacre of innocent civilians”.