The U.S. Postal Service is considering a reduction in service to five-day delivery, apparently because of declines in revenue. The economic downturn is partly to blame, but the Postmaster General points out that the Internet has taken away much of their business.

This got me to thinking: that trend will certainly continue, and eventually there will be no purpose for traditional first-class mail. The only reason we still need delivery services is for packages, and those can be delivered by UPS and FedEx.

It’s tempting to say the USPS should just shut down, but that’s problematic because the Constitution specifies postal powers for the government. Instead, perhaps the USPS should become an ISP.

It’s not that much of a stretch, really; in fact, I suspect it’s the norm in most countries, where the postal service is often also the telephone utility. I’m not suggesting we need the USPS to become an ISP; but it seems clear to me that their current business model has no future. If they are to continue to exist, and to perform their Constitutional role, that might be their only option.