In yesterday’s issue of The Technician, they had a little sidebar (not reproduced on their lackluster website, so no link) containing the following:

President Barack Obama is the 44th president to be honored by Presidents’ Day. So what does the top guy in U.S. politics do on his day off? If Obama was still allowed to use his Twitter account, here’s what it might look like today.

  • About to head to bed. Thinking about vetoing stimulus bill tomorrow, just to see what happens.
  • Googled self. 339,000,000 hits, up from last week.
  • Have decided to choose Commerce Secretary by having potential long-list candidates play Bingo.
  • Just checked Fox News. LOL.
  • Cruisin’ around in the Obamamobile. I love that name.
  • Pick-up game with Secret Service. Am beginning to suspect that they’re just letting me win.
  • Prank-called Sarkozy just now, pretending to be Bush. Sarkozy caught on right away, claimed my correct pronunciation of his name tipped him off.

First of all, that last tweet is 144 characters, too long to fit in the 140 limit. But let us not pick nits.

Obama was never disallowed from using a twitter account, as far as I can find. He had trouble with his Blackberry because it was not as secure as the NSA might have liked, as far as I know.

But all of this is beside the point. It’s pretty clear if you look at the twitter feed in question, Obama was never at the helm of it. It was a marketing tool to try and gain street cred with the internet hipsters (the kind who would stick pro-net neutrality stickers on the lids of their macbooks) for free. Virtually every tweet is a simple shill for some campaign rally he’s holding, posted by some publicity drone.

But now that the campaign is over, and the stimulus bill written (and unreadable), his need for transparency seems to be over.

That’s why his twitter is silent.