Bob, I just got word from a Karl E. Pete …

Bob, I just got word from a Karl E. Peters who found out I’m working on a new version of Futility, who says he wants his kids to play it when it’s done.

Well, as you may remember, the game is relatively feature-complete, but I wouldn’t want to (airquotes) “release” it without proper game sounds.

I’ve never heard whatever the game sounded like originally, nor do I have the audio engineering cred to craft a simulacrum thereof. But, I reckon, you do.

I don’t know what the original sounds entailed, but off the top of my head, I’m thinking:

  • An annoying whirling noise for the alien.
  • A noise for the player shooting
  • A nosie for the alien dodging
  • A noise for the alien putting up his shield (and another for the bullet hitting it?)
  • A noise for the alien shooting. Maybe an initial shot and then a sort of weeeeeeeeooooooh of the “bomb falling”
  • An explosion for when the player inevitably gets hit
  • And, of course, lets us not forget the cruel, mechanical “HA HA HA HA” when the alien wins (and he always does…)
  • Thoughts?