Over at The Torch, FIRE’s official blog, a ridiculous account of the University of Delaware’s Residence Life (i.e. dorm) “mandatory diversity training”. Excerpting, from the account of an impromptu floor meeting led by the RA:

Lori passed out a blank sheet of paper and told us to number it, leaving spaces for our answers. She announced that we were going to expose our prejudices and stereotypes about other races and in so doing learn more about diversity. … When it was finished, Lori said something to the effect of, “Look how bigoted and prejudiced even us college students can be,” and “isn’t it a shock that even us who are being educated can think of all these slurs and stereotypes?”

The link here between knowing about racists implying that you are a racist is pretty interesting. Is the ideal solution here to have everyone ignorant of racism? Is the University really wishing their students were dumber?