Over at ESPN, some national coverage of …

Over at ESPN, some national coverage of a recently-founded NC State tradition:

What he didn’t mention initially was the name of the race: the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Jammed (in retrospect, this is the appropriate word) between 2-mile legs of a race on the campus of North Carolina State University is the most daunting of athletic and gastronomic feats: Eating one dozen glazed doughnuts. On the clock. To successfully complete the challenge, runners must finish the race in under one hour — and maintain possession of all their doughnuts.

This sounded like the horrifying intersection of competitive running and competitive eating. Takeru “The Tsunami” Kobayashi meets Usain Bolt. The perfect event for a hungover college student. I mean, how do you officiate something like that?

Something about the KKC always manages to stir up the slightest hint of actual school patriotism. It isn’t the football, it isn’t the basketball, it’s the idiots trying to make up their own biathlon with donuts instead of bullets.