Dad, a good companion piece to that Gun …

Dad, a good companion piece to that Gun Recognition Guide: The Internet Movie Firearms Database. Includes identification and … uh … detailed commentary. From the Mr. & Mrs. Smith article:

Jane pretends to be untrained as she attempts to shoot the targets with the air rifle.

John tries out the rifle and fairs far better since he uses the sights. Note how he closes his left eye so his right focuses on the sights, but then opens it again so he can retain peripheral vision. Classic combat shooting.

Janes goes again and does far better than John. She doesn’t focus her dominant eye though, so she must be an excellent point shooter.

Makes me glad that I explained point shooting the other day so I don’t have to now.

(Yeah the grammar and spelling can get pretty bad some times. Welcome to gun folks on the internet.)

EDIT: On the page for Terminator 2, some screencaps of the T-1000 in the helicopter show something freaking cool that I never noticed before: the T-1000 grows extra hands to keep flying while shooting. Notice the two left hands, here: