Someone thinking they’re a guerrilla marketing ninja has stuck posters all over the library for some new MTV show:

MTV has revealed the identities of the four freshmen who will appear in College Life, a new reality series that will follow the University of Wisconsin-Madison students and is scheduled to premiere Monday, April 13 at 10:30PM ET/PT.

Each episode of College Life will follow the students as they deal with their freshmen year, from dealing with academic pressures and homesickness to starting new friendships and romances. In addition, College Life’s cast members will the ones who will be operating the MTV cameras — providing viewers with “an authentic and unprecedented” look at attending school, according to the network.

Uh, right. So it’s reality TV targeted straight at the college kid demo. Sweet.

I’ll skip it for the short version:

At the very least, the above video is consistent with my findings.