Learn something new every day: I had ass…

Learn something new every day: I had assumed that the “division capacity” for semi-autos (i.e. non-revolvers) in IDPA was 10+1 (10 in the magazine, 1 in the chamber) so that a semi-auto shooter could go 11 rounds without reloading. The IDPA implication of this would be that, on a 12-round stage, a semi-auto shooter would have to reload as often as a revolver-shooter (once).

But actually, it’s something even less sporting than that: IDPA was founded in 1996, shortly after the Assault Weapons Ban was passed in 1994. Thus, given that the stated intent of IDPA is to disallow all non-standard/uncommon gun modifications, they had to prohibit using more than 10 rounds in a magazine in the spirit of fairness.

As it is, I think the rule works out pretty well because it keeps the playing field level-ish between autos and revolvers. You still want to know your stuff if you’re shooting IDPA with a wheelgun, though: those extra reloads can kill you.