I’m not sure whether this post is engaging in merely sloppy thinking, or intentionally misleading fraud:

Cleansing involves changing your internal environment and specifically, removing a bunch of the stored waste that most people have trapped in their bodies. Most estimates are that the average person has ten or more pounds of stored waste just in their colon, and I’d argue far more throughout their body. In any case, many people have found that disease disappears when this waste is gone, and that when the body is clean it’s much more difficult for new problems, like viruses, to take hold in the first place. And it’s my understanding that many people who took regular enemas instead of vaccines during the 1918 pandemic made it out on the other side as well.

I love that last sentence, which would be a misuse of statistics if only any actual facts were cited. Hmm … it’s my understanding that many people who wore fedoras also survived the 1918 pandemic. I know which method I’m more likely to try!