Cleaning my dorm while moving out, I fou…

Cleaning my dorm while moving out, I found the flier I talked about earlier this month. The headline is “Bail Out Students, Not Banks!”, and it claims its march is “In the Spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.”, whatever that means. The bullet points, labeled “We Demand:“:

  • Freeze Tuition Now!
  • Cancel All Student Debt!
  • A Jobs Program with a Living Wage, Not Jails and Prisons!
  • Collective Bargaining for Public Sector Workers!
  • Divest from Israel!

This is followed by a link to their WordPress blog, the latest entry of which (right now) is “FIST Supports UNC Students Against Anti-Immigrant Tancredo“. There’s also a full-page version of the flier I found that adds “No Hikes in Heath Care Premiums” and “Fund Human Needs, not War!” to the list of demands.

Nice bunch of guys. Can’t wait to see their May Day show.