Dad, Qwitter is a symptom of something I find best described by Penny Arcade’s Tycho: “Twitter is a deeply immoral platform that promotes toxic narcissism.”

Every time I see something like that, I just shake my head and think “toxic narcissism”. It’s for people who care about what every random person on the internet thinks of them. For people who think that Twitter following is like Facebook friends.

Although I do wish I had it for one particular un-following. As a bit of background: on Twitter, when you with certain keywords like “horse” or “poker”, you’ll get followers on those keywords, like some kind of internet poker site’s Twitter feed when you post about “poker”. The idea being that it’s “free publicity” for them, because they’re getting noticed. I call this robo-following. Post about syphillis-infected bowling horses and see how many you get.

So anyways, after one such incident, I posted

@sporttalk is our latest robo-follower, who was nice enough to link to the software he’s using to do his robo-following:

and it wasn’t until I later checked my own @replies that I saw his response:

@HoberShort go fuck yourself

Like I say, I would have liked to be notified when that happened.