Here they go again. In an article about the current dip in solar activity and the possibility of another Little Ice Age, scientists engage in what the article calls “preemptive denial”:

Even if the current solar lull is the beginning of a prolonged quiet, the scientists say, the star’s effects on climate will pale in contrast with the influence of human-made greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2).

Makes perfect sense. It would be silly to think that THE FREAKING SUN would have any significant effect on the Earth’s climate.

“I think you have to bear in mind that the CO2 is a good 50 to 60 percent higher than normal, whereas the decline in solar output is a few hundredths of one percent down,” Lockwood said. “I think that helps keep it in perspective.”

Did I mention that this is a scientist speaking? Since it’s not at all clear how much of an effect CO2 has on climate, he’s essentially comparing two fractions without specifying, or even knowing, their denominators. Mathematically, his statement is quite literally meaningless. To say that it puts anything in perspective is a lie.

Articles like this make me worry that science as we know it is dead. Here you have a case of a “scientist” who has already made up his mind, and tries to preemptively cut off any arguments advanced by skeptics who would suggest any other interpretation.