The problem with that anti-gun screed is…

The problem with that anti-gun screed is that you can replace the word “gun” with any other noun, and it makes just as much sense (namely, not much). For example:

Harmonica nuts love to say that if harmonicas are outlawed, only outlaws will have harmonicas. I actually don’t see why that’s a problem. It would certainly make it a lot easier to determine who the criminals are. If someone is walking around with a harmonica, and they aren’t a policeman, then they’re a criminal. Lock ‘em up.

That logic rests on an unspoken premise: laws are never wrong. If something is banned, the fact that it has been banned proves that it is bad and dangerous and deserves to be banned. Government is infallible; good and evil are whatever the government says they are.

This is the moral philosophy of sheep.