Dad, essentially, yes. And the idea of s…

Dad, essentially, yes. And the idea of some sort of kickback scheme did occur to me when I was writing my earlier post, although I sincerely doubt that it’s in place currently.

However, I don’t see any particular reason that it won’t be in the near future. It’s just another way for a company to get a slice of guaranteed government business. I could easily see NCSU requiring laptops soon1 and could conceive that they might partner with, say, Dell so that a Dell XPS laptop is on the required equipment list.

Which means if you have your own laptop, good for you. But if you’re buying a computer with financial aid money2 (which is not, in itself, unreasonable) you would have to buy Dell.

As I read it, that’s the way the current UM scheme works. If you have an MP3 player, great. But if you’re buying one with your financial aid money2, it has to be from Apple.

1. The latest freshman class had 99% laptop ownership and they’re talking about shutting down computer labs accordingly.
2. And remember, this is taxpayer money.