From WRAL: Nine killed on N.C. highways …

From WRAL: Nine killed on N.C. highways over holiday. Isn’t there a special circle of hell for those who cite statistics without context?

Taking the CDC’s most recent count of 19.2 motor vehicle deaths per 100,000 people, and the estimation of 8.857 million people in North Carolina (i.e. 88.57 * 100,000), we get an average of 4.6 deaths per day. Nine deaths for a three day weekend? That’s statistically abnormally low.

Edit: Even extrapolating given data to 2009 gives similar numbers. A best-fit line on the annual motor vehicle death rate gives a 2009 rate of 18.5 deaths but a population of 8.857 million in 2006, at 1.683% annual growth rate (as given at Wolfram Alpha) gives a 2009 population of 9.312 million. More people, fewer accidents, same result.