WRAL ran an article a few days ago title…

WRAL ran an article a few days ago titled “N.C. unemployment rate stays at 10.8%” which I originally thought was a pretty vague way of putting things, and I turned out to be sort of right. Taking the unemployment rates for the last year of our state vs the national average (numbers from NC Employment Security Commission ), we get the following:

Looks pretty bad, right? Well, let’s take the derivative of each graph:

The higher the line, the more unemployment rose in a given month. So that spike in January on the second graph is mirrored by a rather large jump on the first graph. But notice: on the second graph, NC’s line is below the USA’s, and on the first graph, the NC line seems to have almost flattened out.

In other words, things are looking better here, more so than the rest of the nation. That’s newsworthy, right?