Wow, really? This week, the two big pol…

Wow, really?

This week, the two big political parties ruling Germany in a coalition held the final talks on their proposed Internet censorship scheme. DNS queries for sites on a list will be given fake answers that lead to a page with a stop sign. The list itself is maintained by the German federal police (Bundeskriminalamt). A protest movement has formed over the course of the last several months, and over 130K citizens have signed a petition protesting the law. Despite this, and despite criticism from all sides, the two parties sped up the process for the law to be signed on Thursday, June 18, 2009.

They’re going to try and filter the web by poisoning their own DNS?

The government middle and high schools I attended did pretty much exactly the same thing: when you typed in a URL for somewhere they didn’t want you to go (like game sites, etc), you would get a filter landing page. Look up the IP address of the site via or similar and just paste the IP address in to your browser bar and you’ve got an end run on the block.

We were twelve and we managed to circumvent it.

Also, the Slashdot comments mention OpenDNS which pretty much hard counters this.

And they wonder why no one wants to trust governments to try and regulate the Internet.