NASA has announced plans for the Lunar R…

NASA has announced plans for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to photograph the Apollo landing sites from altitudes as low as 30 miles.

One large item that should be easy to spot is Apollo 11’s Eagle descent stage, left behind after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin rocketed away from Tranquility Base….

The descent stages of other Apollo missions should be visible, too. And the orbiter will look for Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Packages (ALSEP) – an array of scientific devices deployed on the lunar surface by Apollo moonwalkers.

The article also mentions the possibility of answering questions such as whether the American flag at the Apollo 11 site was blown over by the liftoff of the ascent stage, and (more important for future missions) assessing the condition of the hardware after its long exposure to lunar-surface conditions.

I look forward to hearing the revised and extended conspiracy theories.