Dad, remember the FN FiveseveN I told yo…

Dad, remember the FN FiveseveN I told you about a few weeks ago? The armor-piercing (but low-caliber) handgun design in the late nineties to combat the then-expected rise of body-armored criminals, which never materialized?

Apparently I was mistaken about its purpose:

Authorities have noticed an increase in high-caliber weapons in Los Angeles. One of the most startling incidents was when a Fabrique National 57, an assault pistol used to kill big game, was found in a victim’s car by detectives investigating a double-homicide last year in North Hollywood.

You use it on large lions, tigers and bears,” said LAPD Deputy Chief Michel Moore, commander of the Valley Bureau.

Uhh, high caliber? The “Five Seven” stands for 5.7. That’s 5.7 millimeters. As in, the bullet is less than a quarter of an inch in diameter. How’s about a little context (the 5.7 round is the one with the blue tip, the right-most shotgun shell is 3 inches in overall length):

The only cartridge you would even try to bring down big game with is the .300 Win Mag, the biggest one of that lot.

Thank god those cops know how to keep us safe!

A tip of the hat to SayUncle.