Tracy Kidder is coming to NC State: Sin…

Tracy Kidder is coming to NC State:

Since the 1970’s Tracy Kidder has written some of the funniest, most moving, and most penetrating material about what it means to be an American–and to be a caring, eyes-wide-open global citizen. The NCSU community will have a chance to hear the Pulitzer Prize-winning author read from his latest book on September 30 at the McKimmon Center.

No contemporary author has been more successful at identifying and then putting us inside the changes and groundswells that resonate in our private and public lives. His early work gave us a glimpse of what it was like to be on the ground conducting the war in Vietnam, where he served as an officer in military intelligence. Before computers were on most of our desks, his Soul of the New Machine sniffed out the ways that the work styles of the American-driven software industry would set a new pace for our work lives, banishing boredom but demanding 24/7 commitment.

When I saw the headline, I was hoping he was going to be giving some kind of talk or speech. I’m sure his book is interesting enough, but I’m not all that interested in paying to hear him read part of it. Oh well.