NCSU’s Student Government is on a weird…

NCSU’s Student Government is on a weird mission:

Student leaders and University officials held a forum Thursday to spread information about and encourage student participation in the proposed Talley Student Center renovations.

. . .

Turan Duda, a partner in Duda/Paine Architects, LLC, the firm designing the new student center, also gave a presentation outlining five potential designs for the renovation of Talley and the student bookstore. “[The student center] is not just a building,” Duda said. “It could become a hearth; it could become a living room. It could become your home.”

Student Senate President Kelli Rogers said one of the important points of the new student center was its importance to current and future students. “You’re leaving a legacy,” Rogers said. “You can either step up now and fund [the new student center], or you can pass the buck to another student who will have to pay more and not receive something as amazing.”

So, the options are

  • Spend my own money so someone else can have something nice, or
  • let them spend their own money on something not as nice.

Regardless of the merit of the idea, this is a ridiculous way to pitch it.

Although the proposed project would not be complete until 2014, [Student Center President Mary] Randall said the time for action is now.

“Every year we delay construction it costs $10 million,” Randall said.

Say what? Why does it cost money to continue to use the functional student center?

Also, costs who money? If we delay it two more years, the student center won’t cost me a dime!

The whole “Rally 4 Talley” campaign has mildly creepy signs all over campus encouraging us to vote yes to “grant more funding” to the renovation project. They use a dissociated third-person passive tense to make it seem like this all we have to do is wish for money for the project and we’ll have it. Too bad they’re trying to convince us to vote our own money out of our pockets. Man, if only there were some way that those who wanted to contribute to this project (doing so being framed as “leaving a legacy” in the renovated student center) could give their money voluntarily instead of having it exacted through fees!

Andrew Lanier is on point with this one:

There are many things about N.C. State that confuse me, one of which is why all kinds of new projects and renovations are approved while class sections, professors and the students get the shaft. A prime example of this is the Rally 4 Talley campaign that is taking place right now. Does it really make good fiscal sense for us to dump money into a building that still functions perfectly well as a student center?

Oh and by the way, did you catch the part where it won’t be done until the current Freshmen class graduates?

The most obvious way to deal with this, I would say, is to get a loan for the construction, and then pay off the loan with a tuition fee paid by those students who use the new center. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that kind of loan is hard to come by these days so they have to find some other way to fund the project.

Edited to add: The Student Body President is on YouTube pitching the idea. Main highlight? The $83 fee to be tacked on to tuition is less than one half of one percent of the overall annual cost of college. For the record, this was the bill I got this fall:

College of Engineering Fee


Ed & Tech Fee




Undergraduate In-State Tuition  




By my math, that makes a $83 increase a 2.8% hike.