Playing chess by mail is nothing new. Pl…

Playing chess by mail is nothing new. Playing tabletop RPGs by forum is nothing new either (although it’s less not new than chess-by-mail).

What is new, at least to me, is playing the Battlestar Galactica Board Game by forum.

Those guys are crazy.

Also, as of page 33, the humans are screwed:

Fuel 8. Food 7. Morale 3. Population 9.

Jump Track: [Start] [No Jump] [No Jump] [-3] [-1] [Auto Jump]
Distance Travelled: 4
Civilian Ships: 10 in Use, 0 in Reserve, 2 Destroyed.
Boarding Party: (1/5) (2/5)

Raptors: 0 In Reserve
Vipers: 0 in Reserve, 1 in Use, 6 Damaged, 1 Destroyed
Nukes: 0
Galactica Damage: Admiral’s Quarters, Weapons Control

Edit: Actually, there are four games going in parallel. Whoa.