In a kinda sketchy news story from the T…

In a kinda sketchy news story from the Technician (it has no author listed…), there’s an unsourced claim that Student Government spent $10,000 on the advertising campaign all over campus. It was money well spent: Facebook ads, and the highest-quality sandwich boards I think I’ve ever seen sitting out in the Brickyard (and everywhere else).

But anything that has to be lobbied this hard makes you wonder why they had to spend so much if the merits of the project are self-evident. At the very least, the case has been made repeatedly in the student paper, The Technician, over the last few weeks. And, honestly, pretty much every person who’s going to be arsed to log on to and go through the 15 minute questionnaire-ballot is also probably a Technician reader.

But what really strikes me is just how much better that $10,000 could have been spent. I mean, I had professors emailing syllabi because they couldn’t come up with the paper to print them on. I think it’s a net good that they didn’t end up wasting the paper printing them, but the point remains: the university is spread pretty thin right now and they’re spending all this money and asking us to pay more?