Also in today’s Technician, another of …

Also in today’s Technician, another of the perennial articles bemoaning how the iPod is robbing us of socialization.

In today’s society, we value face-to-face conversations less and less as the years go by. This is because we are so worried about acting stupid that we forget how great natural communication feels. Listening to your iPod on the way to class is a perfect way to ignore (whether you mean to or not) anyone who is talking to you.

. . .

Yes, iPods and cell phones serve their purpose, but what are they taking away? Personally, I feel that we would meet three times as many people as we already know if we did not have technology distracting us all day. In my experience, I have noticed that I have not had as many random conversations with strangers now that I carry my iPod with me all day.

This sort of thing used to worry me, and then I remembered that I never strike up conversations with random strangers anyway. But, of course, more often than not, I’m also listening to a podcast on my Zune, taking an extra-collegiate course in history or computer security.