In answer to your IM query, I did indeed…

In answer to your IM query, I did indeed know about Strange New World. In fact, I have seen it. It’s awful. I don’t count it as a Roddenberry pilot, since GR was not actually involved in its production.

I wasn’t impressed by the article. The author seems to be rather clueless about Planet Earth. It wasn’t a “sequel of sorts” that “borrowed many of its ideas” from Genesis II; it was a second pilot for the same series. Except for some recasting and a change of uniforms, it is 100% consistent with the first pilot.

As for Andromeda, there’s no connection except that the name Dylan Hunt was recycled. The two characters bearing that name don’t resemble each other at all.

And the comments are loathsome. The standard-issue jackass fan attitude (“My standards are so high that I hate everything”) is on display throughout. Why do so many people aspire to be the Comic Book Guy?