It sounds like NCSU’s Student Senate is …

It sounds like NCSU’s Student Senate is full of arrogant elitists who love spending other people’s money. I can only say that, if the purpose of student government is to prepare the next generation of real-world politicians, the Student Senate is doing a bang-up job.

More seriously, I must admit I’m a bit surprised by one aspect of all of this. I never paid attention to student government during my college days; but I always assumed that all of the real decisions (particularly financial decisions) were in the hands of the grown-ups who actually ran the university, and that student government just handled relatively symbolic (or trivial) matters related to “student life,” with a relatively modest budget to play with.

So it’s surprising to me that State’s student government has the power to levy fees and approve construction projects. Is that unusual? Or is it just because the Talley renovation is specifically concerned with the student center (and not, for example, a classroom building)?