The Student Senate voted to “recommend” …

The Student Senate voted to “recommend” approving the fee, in their report to the Fee Review Committee, which is constituted of nine voting members, of whom it appears that four are students.

The Senate doesn’t have the power to pass this: according to their Constitution, they mainly have the powers to divvy up appropriated funds and approve the budget. In this case, what they voted to do was include approving the Talley fee in their list of recommendations to the fees committee.

Reading that report reveals a little more about the depravity of our senators. They are limited to increasing fees by 6.5% per the Chancellor’s recommendation. That means that next year’s fees in sum can only be 106.5% of this year’s fees. In order to approve lots of new fees and hit that 6.5% cap exactly, they also reduce other fees that weren’t subject to the fee referendum, including–hilariously enough–reducing the funding for “Student Center Operations”.

“The current student center sucks, so let’s give them even less money next year!”